Early Childhood Education News Briefs

Prioritizing Early Childhood Education: We Can’t Afford to Wait - The Huffington Post

Susan Ochshorn, founder of ECE PolicyWorks, applauds the number of recent editorials and blogs championing the benefits of early childhood education and the dangers of putting it on the chopping block. “Yet, in statehouses across the country, from Texas to Pennsylvania to Florida, early childhood education is hanging by a thread. The assault on this foundation of our student’s academic success, not to mention our civic society, is relentless.”

Early childhood education is a key ingredient for success of businesses - The Olympian (Olympia, WA)

Michael Cade, executive director of the Thurston Economic Development Council, writes that policymakers recently strengthened Washington state businesses and economic future when they found funding for the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program. This is a move that should be applauded as having this quality early learning program in our state is a critical component for reversing a widening skills gap that threatens our sustained economic growth.

Recommendations to HHS and ED on the Early Learning Challenge – Early Ed Watch

The New America Foundation’s Lisa Guernsey writes about the importance of building bridges between “birth-to-age-5″ early childhood programs and the early elementary school years. “Could the new $500-million federal grant competition — the Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge (RttT-ELC) — help to build those bridges and, better yet, foster a more continuous system of early learning from the day a child is born through his last day of third grade? Absolutely. In fact, we see the RttT-ELC as an exciting opportunity for both the augmentation and development of better birth-to-five systems and the creation of new connections to the early grades of school. Principals and teachers in the early grades could learn a lot, for example, from the research-based tools that are currently used in a growing number of early childhood programs to promote better interactions between adults and children.